FORTEX® and our most famous product: The Flex Belt® are designed and manufactured by Bio-Medical Research Ltd (BMR), a privately owned company that has been supplying doctors, physiotherapists and physical therapists with specialist medical devices for over 40 years.

BMR has two divisions: NeuroTech which designs and manufactures products for pain relief, muscle exercising and rehabilitation in medical and physical therapy, and The Flex Products, which utilizes muscle-exercising technology to manufacture body toning products for health and fitness….like TheFlexBelt® & FORTEX®

Extraordinary & Original Products:
BMR has a reputation for product innovation. It was the first company to produce muscle exercisers controlled by microchips, offering program control and flexibility as never before.

Continuing its pioneering tradition, BMR has developed:

  • Cutting-edge design and manufacture, backed by extensive research.
  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Technology to produce the most powerful and effective body toning products and garments to date.
  • Products that meet only the highest medical and safety standards.
  • Specialist software for product interactivity and ease of use.
  • Advanced Air-Based Technology — a breakthrough in resistance training that is the basis of FORTEX design and engineering.
  • The FDA has Cleared the Flex Belt® for toning, strengthening and firming the stomach.

Here is our promise to you:
Order Fortex  today….you will feel and see results in a matter of weeks.  If you are not completely satisfied, we ask you to take advantage of our 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee.  This gives you ample time to see what Fortex will do for you.

All orders come with our famous guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying our awesome formula. Any order can be returned for a 100% refund within 90 days from the date you place your order. No questions asked.

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